22 October, 2010

Animation Friday - Well Hello Dora

It's my niece's birthday today. What was going to be a Dorothy cake, became a last minute request for a Dora cake.

And that became today's animation!

gif animator

NOTE - My mother looked at it and said 'is it a cow?' and I said 'no, it's Dora the Explorer - it's a girl' and she said 'well, what are the horns for?'... and now I see them...

More of such things over at the lovely my poppet!

Happy weekend to you!


  1. How gorgeous!!
    Looks like it was very tasty too!

  2. Anonymous3:14 pm


  3. I love it. I wish I had an Aunty like you. x

  4. Okay, you're just showing off now. Too much talent! x

  5. Wow - I'm impressed. Very clever!

  6. I can only see half of it but it looks pretty good :-)

  7. How lucky is your niece to have an aunty who is an artist.
    At least you can always fall back on cake decoration


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