29 October, 2010

Animation Friday - Butterflies

Today's animation is of a painting done this week and mentioned in yesterday's Creative Space.

It's more of a 'decorator piece' than anything. The numbers are from the pages of the lovely old butterfly book that I refer to.

At the end though, I changed one of the blueish butterflies to much brighter colours as I wasn't happy with the weight of the tones. I also lightened the tone of the background as the piece progressed, to give more contrast and interest.

Hope these are still interesting enough!

For quite a variety of different animations, head over to the not-very-well-today Cinti at my poppet.


  1. The transformation from start to finish is amazing to watch!

  2. Oh I love butterflies, if I didn't do so many things with birds, I would definitely be doing butterflies. Great inspiration!

    Thank you,



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