08 October, 2010

Catching up

Hey, it's been a busy week. I didn't realise how regularly I had been blogging until I simply had no time to post! There've been a lot of things happening in the cloud we live in (honestly, right now the fog is floating in one window and out the other).

I've posted these -

I've cooked this (Salt and Pepper Pork Ribs - so easy and delicious - want the recipe?) -


I've looked after some extra little people and we did some fun things -

I've screenprinted some more Bless You hankies (for The Great Hanky Drive - I'm nearly halfway to my goal!) -

I sewed these (soon to be available in my new-improved shop)-

And packaged these (oh, they turned out so well and they'll also be in the shop soon)-

 And baked these (Walnut Palmiers - yum - have you ever done palmiers before?) -

all for the terrific morning tea that I co-hosted yesterday with another wonderful lady (that's Jen on the right, and the lovely Kay on the left)  - 

And here's Jen's gorgeous daughter, a super-stylish farm child (even when missing the soles on her boots) -

So no animation today (however it's not midnight yet!),  and it's full steam ahead for the 12 year old's Cluedo party tomorrow night.

Ah! We'll resume normal transmission next week... thanks for worrying about me!


  1. Everything you do is infused with creativity and beauty! And gusto! And enthusiasm!

  2. gorgeousness all round...and YES PLEASE recipe

  3. Oh i can't wait to read about the 12y.o. Cluedo party . . . picnics under trampolines & running around topless, memories, love Posie

  4. Happy birthday to Big J. Man. Remember the Toy Story one?! Love everything you're doing. Has the sleep improved or are you on a new wave of inspiration? Either way, run like the wind, Bullseye!

  5. P.S. Yes please to the recipe that is not spag bol. and do you know Ikea discontinued those great jewellery/ softy heart trees. Dang! xx

  6. well, what fun and creativity at yours! It sounds rather cool living in a cloud too :)



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