28 October, 2010

My Creative Space - Shiny Shiny

Today's creativeness has involved varnishing two canvases.

The first is a butterfly scene to be donated to my kids' school at the Race Day next weekend.

The development of this painting will be the subject of my animation tomorrow. Really. I'll be doing Animation Friday ON Friday, as opposed to Monday's Art Tip that just happened to be on Wednesday this week. Promise. OK, well, I'll do my best.

The second is a commissioned portrait of four children, that will be a birthday gift, so identities have been disguised for now, just to be sure it's a surprise.

Now off to set up for more hanky screenprinting before the bub wakes up.

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  1. As always, those colours look wonderfully vibrant and beautiful. Love your work.

  2. Cool idea on the portrait, so glad 4 children make such great artistic symmetry, 'tis clearly why i had 4!! Love Posie

  3. beautiful as always ;)

  4. Knicky Knacks said it so well. I really like them both :-)


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