12 November, 2010

Animation Friday - a Backdrop and some background

Ah, it feels like it's been a big week - and even though it's been more 'at home' than last week, I think the sense of being stuck in the quicksand that is 'housework' gets to me more than anything.

The girls are both interesting and delightful at the moment, and that seems to come hand-in-hand with 'creative destruction', 'culinary destruction' and of course, 'wanton destruction'.

So every time I manage to achieve one thing (like hanging a load of washing on the line or oh, putting breakfast dishes in the dishwasher, earth-shattering stuff), I turn around to find:
  • an entire collection of straws pulled out of a basket and distributed through the toys, or 
  • the dog's water found behind the tree (where I thought it would be a secret between myself and the dog) now tipped on a freshly-dressed-to-go-out toddler, or 
  • a baby who's managed to climb from a bed to a chest of drawers, and is now hanging from a wall-mounted shelf (no photo for obvious reasons)
- honestly, even by the fourth, they're still coming up with things I haven't got solutions for.

And I know I'm not Robinson Crusoe here.

The house is so FULL of stuff, I'd love to cull, but simply keeping up with the day-to-day is all I can manage at the moment. Ah! Remind me of all this when the kids are bigger and I complain about being busy, ok!

So what am I doing typing a post instead of doing the other stuff on my list? 

At least I can feel there is something that I have done today that is finished, won't be undone as swiftly as it was done, and that I've been in contact with other adults. And that may be the reason why I blog!

Today's very quick animation is from Wednesday's painting of a photography backdrop. I like the way you can see the light change through the day. I started at about 11 in the morning (it took that long to move the furniture, get the paint and set up!) and finished close to 5pm (the kids ended up having dinner at Mum's that night - thanks Mum!).

gif animation creator

Visit Cintia at mypoppet for more animations.

Until next time... I've got a few things I need to get done around here...


  1. Having a really similar week.. I think its the change of weather here.. the kids are bit antsy and just seem to not want to sit quietly (not that they do that a great deal anyway!) Good to know someone else is in the same boat.

  2. Wow - took me a minute to realize how big that back drop is! Fantastic!!
    Yeah, its one thing after another sometimes. (or often)
    I'm having to keep the house looking good at the moment, as we're trying to sell it. That just doesn't go with making and creating and painting...aaargh!

  3. I'm with you on the completely stuck in cleaning zone. I go into a room and look at the squalor and think, "Why doesn't this room stay tidy just the way I left it 15 minutes ago?" and yes, that thought is quickly shattered when I hear the baby has tipped orange juice all over the floor; and the dog has just vomited again somewhere; and one child's bed sheets haven't been changed since the beginning of winter; and then the baby tips (cold) coffee all over herself. Lucky I am so distracted that the coffee was able to go cold.

    And I DON'T PAINT!

  4. I love how the light has changed all the way through the day and gives a completely different look to the colours. I couldn't imagine painting something so huge!

  5. That is amazing. I love that painting and your stories. They made me smile. I only have two daughters and I am amazed at what the youngest gets up too. I can't imagine what it must be like with four. xx

  6. I don't know what is is about your animations but I only ever get to see one pic and a black flash :-( I am sure it looks good though!! Your house hold antics are lol we have that here too. WOWSA about the hanging from shelf! :-)

  7. I feel your pain, spent the whole day yesterday cleaning and tidying while emma was at creche, you wouldn't even know it today.

    one is a handful, dont know how you cope with multiples.

    thanks for another fab animation this week. I really appreciate your regular participation :)
    see you next week

  8. Hi Anna,

    I've thoroughly enjoyed browsing your blog this morning. Your art is gorgeous!! Great job on the back-drop too.

    Totally understand - I had my first four kids close in age and my fifth child (second marriage) arrived ten years after I had number four.

    Have a great weekend!
    Serena :)

  9. That's a mighty fine reason to blog, Anna. I never considered the 'permanancy' of a blog post. You're right - the record is its own reward.


  10. oh anna, as usual i feel your pain. the destruction of property does my head in! Why a 6 year old would still draw on walls is beyond me! While I type my 2 year old is unravelling a roll of ribbon. Better go and deal with that....
    Lucky we love them ;)


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