18 November, 2010

My Creative Space - hoo hoo

This week I SO wanted to sew a top for S. We've had some hot weather, and I've had this gorgeous owl fabric (from Tessuti) calling my name. (Because S's name means 'wisdom' I'm subtly suggesting a bit of an owl theme for her childhood.)  So last night I stayed up and just did it.

Of course, when I asked S to put it on so I could take a photo, she insisted on heading straight out to the ride-on mower for the shots. Hmmmm. Interesting choice.

And modelling in general meant an particular stance.

I love this pattern. It's from this pattern book, and it has just enough little details to be special. There was a time when I wouldn't attempt anything with 'extras' like pleats and frills, but now I'm keen to make really special things that will be treasured and worn because I just love seeing my kids wearing them.

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  1. Beautiful top Anna. Your daughter looks so sweet in it. I love the colour, fabric and the style. Parfait!

  2. I think she's done an excellent job modelling. Great colours making up a great top. x

  3. Love the fabric! Love the model! I'm yet to use that book ... it takes me about 6 months to tackle a Japanese pattern ... and that's the simple ones!

  4. Anna , I love this top - such beautiful fabric!
    Well done.

  5. Your top and model are both so cute and adorable. Love the fabric you chose. Gorgeous

  6. Just beautiful - you did that in a night?!

  7. Marissa6:55 pm

    Very pretty top, great sewing job! I read that all the pattern instructions are in Japanese - how'd you find working with that pattern?.....Are the diagrams very detailed or are you just clever?

  8. Beautiful.. the kid looks so cute..

  9. Yeah- she's pretty cute...Top's not bad either. Lilly likes the photos, particularly your little diva! I finished the quilt. The last one is nearly done. I'm going to put them in the St Vinnies Christmas hamper, but I'll take some photos first.


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