10 November, 2010

The Wonderful Whimsical Wace Day

You may have noticed (or not!) that I wasn't around here much last week.

I was on the committee for our school Race Day, which I'm happy to say was a huge success.

My main responsibility was Graphic Design, so I had to make sure this year's Wonderland theme was carried through on all our printed materials.

and some other very talented committee members worked their butts off to create these fantastic marquee decorations.

The amazing 'Miss Whimsy' sculpture was by acclaimed artist (and parent), Joy Heylen.

We sold 380 tickets, so the place was pretty packed.

There were promotional "Alice" characters and even a stiltwalker!

Love this photo from the night of one of my friends (Mavis Monsoon, anyone?) in the crowd.

There were some horses, and for one race they actually started right in front of our marquee, which was fantastic.

Still to discover how close we came to the amount needed for the interactive whiteboards we were gunning for... but am sure we will be close!

Great event, but happy to be moving onto the other things on my list now.

I started volunteering for SANDS about 9 years ago, and now as a regular committee member for things like this I have to say the friendships and experience and skills I have gained from being involved have been enormous. And I've also realised how much in the world only gets done because of volunteers. Incredible.

It stuns me just as much as the fact that you can TRULY BELIEVE that a baby is asleep, and yet somehow a tiny 'pop' from your ankle as you attempt to leave the room somehow wakes her from deep slumber to emit a terrifying scream.

Someone should do a study about that. Any volunteers?


  1. Oh my goodness - how gorgeous does everything look inside that marquee!

  2. Marissa5:55 pm

    Sounds like a fantastic event. The decor looked beautiful - I can see the committee's hard work in every detail.


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