02 November, 2010

Busy Busy

Hey, it's a bit busy here this week, what with MELBOURNE CUP (I LOVE Melbourne Cup) and our school Race Day this Saturday - so I am even behind with my Monday Art Tips.

But the next one will be on 'truly seeing' what you are drawing, and it WILL be interesting, so I'm going to just tease you with that little piece of info, and I'll be back blogging soon.

So I'll leave you with this image of teacups, that will be available as a matted print once my new-improved site is up and running in the next fortnight.

Go on now, get lucky! (Harris Tweed has very long odds, but is talking to me... have to go and have a little flutter on it now, just in case!)


  1. Those teacups are just gorgeous!
    I picked Harris Tweed too - purely for the fabric reference.

  2. Lauren6:57 pm

    Did you listen to what Harris Tweed was actually saying? Maybe it was "I am so tired, I wish I didn't have to run this stinking race, I can't wait to go home and have a snooze".

  3. I love your tea cups and look there's even one for Lauren, you and I. It's a sign that we haven't drunk cold tea together for too long. In tea we trust!


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