22 November, 2010

Musical Mural

At the end of each year, the Year 7 kids from our school do some sort of 'service' to the school. Leaving their mark in a positive way.

This year they decided to do a mural on the old 'whitehouse', which is a rundown building that houses the music rooms and second-hand clothes room.

And as I am a Year 7 parent, they asked me to design it, and the Year 7's will finish it in colour.  I got the outlines done today - can't wait to see them finish it off!

And here's another slightly blurry photograph from a memory of today, that makes my heart burst.

I love that kid. And he's not bad either.


  1. What a great project! They must all be excited about it. Baby B. looks so happy and of course, adorable. x

  2. That'll make thsat building look fabulous! It's a nice structure ... musicians are reminiscent of Bjorn Wiinblad!

    I can't wait to see it finished! Brilliant project, my lady!

    And I love that kid's 'side' wave!

  3. Oh wow! I hope you'll be able to share some in-progress and finished shots. It's going to look amazing.

  4. Wow! That is going to look brilliant!
    Please post pics of the finished project.
    What a great gift to leave behind.


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