24 November, 2010

What is the secret?


... to cutting Caramel Slice?

OK, one of you know. I'd like to be in on it thank you.

I've never made this morning-tea-staple before, and I suspect I should have made it in a bigger tin, which would have made it thinner, and I did try dipping the knife blade in hot water (which made a bit of a mess) but really, the thing was cracking up as I approached it with the knife.

Lucky, none of the kids at the music-break-up are going to mind. This isn't Masterchef (although if 'it all comes down to the taste', I'm a winner).

This is what it looked like in the Women's Weekly recipe book that I followed. I didn't add the walnuts because of possible allergies, of course.

Hmmm. Another first world mystery.

On a happier note, I finally got all my figures done and to my lovely accountant. Of course that meant redesigning my whole system and having to print out lovely fresh bookkeeping pages, blank and full of potential. I actually studied accounting at uni, and I think that was always my favourite bit, getting to write neat rows of figures on clean, ruled paper. Probably not enough of a reason for it to be my true calling (obviously). I used to do my figures on the computer, but since having the most recent batch of kids I've regressed to pencil and paper. It's just easier at the moment.

Other things have been happening on the website front and I am announcing HERE that it will all go LIVE next MONDAY. There, it's out there now, so it will happen. I'm also moving my blog across to the wordpress platform my new site has been built on, so I'll let you know the new address soon. Still a few things to figure out there... I can feel my brain expanding, and actually, that feels good.

OK so now, secret keepers, fill me in on the facts!


  1. Maybe need to either cut it before the chocolate fully sets or leave it out at room temperature so that all of the chocolate softens, cut it, then put it back in the fridge to reset in squares.

  2. Chantal seems to know her stuff! I was going to suggest maybe it was the knife's fault. It's always good to blame cutlery and other utensils because I've found they're happy to accept responsibility.

  3. Okay, I googled for the "secret" and found that you need to cut into slices before the chocolate fully sets or the chocolate will crack while you're cutting. Does that help? Yay for the new website. I know how long you have waited for it. I WISH I had time to get mine totally up-to-date!

  4. I have no idea how youcut it but I just want to eat it noooowwwww!!!!!*S*


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