26 November, 2010

Animation Friday - get packing!

I'm not sure if this animation will work properly actually - I've built it in Photoshop (my first attempt) - so maybe you'll only see it move through once... if that's what happens I'll come back later and try and fix it. If it doesn't move at all... well, I'll definitely try again later. EDIT - HEY! Thanks Cintia - it works!

Anyway, a lovely lovely lady ordered FIFTY of my charity hankies last week (supporting the Scarlett Kisses Project), and here they are. All packed up and happily jumping into the Express Post bag.

They really are a great 'little' gift. When you want to give something, but the littler and easier-to-post the better. They're $6 and if you go to my new site when it launches this Monday you can order some to jump in a bag and be sent to you!

I wish I could have shown you my makeshift tripod set up (but the camera was in use!). A ridiculous assortment of boxes and New Guinean statues holding down the camera strap as the lense balanced precariously off the edge of the cabinet. Really professional.

So for more nifty (and perhaps more active) animations, come join in at my poppet (where you'll be glad this is not smellamation!).


  1. 50 hankies, you go girl!! Love Posie

  2. Nope it isn't moving but it may just be me again lol :-) Agree with Posie - That's great!

  3. Sounds like my make shift set ups.
    what a shame no moving - would have loved to see it in full force
    smell has subsided thank goodness
    xx cinti

  4. They look like very cute hankies. Too cute for blowing nosies. Animation is fun, no?

  5. It works for me if I click on it!


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