09 November, 2010

A Special Excursion

When I saw this bag on Curlypop's blog... what can I say... it 'called my name'.

Ever had that happen?

Cam called it the "Quince Bag", and the bottom bit was originally a gorgeous linen teatowel, and the top bit is a wool blend - it feels soft and flannel-ly.

I emailed Cam directly, and was lucky enough to get in first. She's had at least two more enquiries about this particular bag (as a 'maker', isn't that always the way? You could sell one thing 12 times over, but you still have a stack of other things!) and has even custom made one with another teatowel as a result.

Anyway, today I took my new bag for a bit of an excursion...

We both loved it!

If you're in Brisbane, it ends next Sunday. I'm no fashionista, but it was amazing to see the dress that Julia Roberts wore to accept her Erin Brockovich Oscar, up close. And the incredible attention to detail was inspiring.

This was my 3 year old's favourite dress...

I fear we may have started something.


  1. It's always so lovely to see one's creations in action!

  2. Cute bag, it even looks great hanging off the pram!

    I love that Valentino exhibition, I was going to try and go back again (alone) But if it is ending next week, there's no chance!

  3. I agree with S - that one was my favourite too! I realy like the bag too.


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